Empereur Ashoka

Ashoka Pillar / Photo: © PHGCOM - GDFL

·   अशोक   ·

The Sanskrit word “ashok” means “beyond suffering”

Ashoka (or Ashok) refers to the name of one of the greatest emperors of ancient India who reigned some three hundred years before the Common Era. First known for his military prowess and a rather authoritarian reign, he later embraced Buddhism following a particularly bloody battle. Later on, he advocated and encouraged the practice of ahimsa (non-violence), respect and compassion amongst his people. His justice and generosity towards the peoples that made up his new kingdom were also well-known. Not only did Ashoka tolerate their non-violent religious practices but he encouraged their spiritual traditions.

Ashok’s principles and example are not out-dated. On the contrary. May we move on, together, beyond suffering towards acceptance of ourselves and others.