Celebrating the Passages of Life

After 20 years of creating authentic, tailor-made life event ceremonies,
I now devote my time to writing and training others in the art of ritualisation.

Please contact the celebrants I have trained in France and Switzerland for assistance.

Every age is accompanied by foreseeable and unforeseeable events. Each phase of life deserves to be commemorated with respect and dignity, in accordance with our most profound beliefs and traditions. Marking the different passages of life is important, not only for those going through them but also for society as a whole.As the religious practices that used to influence the celebration of these passages of life lose their significance for many, more and more people look for new ways to mark the passage from one phase of life to the next. The transitions most commonly celebrated in Europe are birth, marriage and death. Recently, other major passages, such as puberty, partnerships, separation or divorce, menopause and retirement are being celebrated too.

“You helped us create a wedding ceremony that was absolutely perfect for us! All of the work and thought you encouraged us to put into it really made the difference.

Many thanks¦ we will be in touch to let you know about our next exciting milestone!!”

Anna & James (London/UK) Beau Rivage Palace – Lausanne, Switzerland

“Our families are culturally Christian, our daughter’s god-father is Buddhist and her god-mother is atheist. We dreamed of but never imagined it would be possible to hold a naming ceremony for our baby in which everyone would feel comfortable. But, you did it!
It was truly a celebration of the arrival of our child into our rich and diverse community”

Anja’s parents(Brisbane/Australia) Nyon, Switzerland

“Just a little note to say a very big “Thank You” – your coaching over the last year has been wonderful and really made the build-up to our wedding so exciting and romantic. We couldn’t have wished for more!”

Ayumi & Guy (Rolle/VD) Beau Rivage Palace – Lausanne, Switzerland

“Thank you for helping us create a much-needed rite of passage for our family. The ceremony on Saturday marked a new phase. As parents we KNEW that a chapter of our lives had successfully ended but now we FEEL that our responsibility for our children has changed. They too seem to act more adult. Today I reviewed the film of our evening together and rejoice!”

Sandra B.(Leiden/NL) Geneva, Switzerland

“Thank you again for making our wedding an unforgettable day. Many of our guests told us that the ceremony suited us so well. We can’t thank you enough!”

Noe & Amanda (Stanford/California) Schloss Ueberstorf – Fribourg, Switzerland

“Menopause is just the beginning of a new phase of my life. Thanks to my ceremony I’ve felt able to give my children more freedom and launch into a new job!”

Joanna A.(Birmingham/UK) Geneva, Switzerland

“The funeral was exactly what my mother would have wanted. No religion, no prayers, no fuss. Her humour and bright personality shown through every aspect of the funeral. Oddly enough, we felt her presence and that made it easier for us to let her go.”

Karen & Peter(Miami/Florida) Chateau de Bossey – Geneva, Switzerland

“Thank you for all your outstanding work. Thierry and I have so many sensational memories of our special day. We were amazed to see not one dry eye during the wedding ceremony. It was truly magical and unique, all thanks to you.”

Caroline & Thierry (Hong Kong/PRC) Chateau – Vaud, Switzerland

“My brother suffered so much and it’s a relief to know that he won’t have to suffer anymore. I miss him terribly. Thank you for listening and understanding our family’s needs in the face of this horrible loss.”

Paula C.(São Paulo/Brazil) Geneva, Switzerland

“Now that the honeymooners are home from paradise… I am writing to say a big thank you for the beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony which you conducted for Nev and Mina […]

You found the right balance between the various religions (Shinto, Parsee and Christian) of their family members, the musical interludes, readings and poetry, marriage vows and exchanging of rings. It was the loveliest wedding ceremony I have ever attended and I am not just saying that because it was my son’s wedding!”

Neville’s mother (London/UK)Palace de Menthon – Annecy, France

“Thanks for doing my friend Laurence’s funeral ceremony. We were at a loss to know how to go about it and were so relieved to be able to put the task into your competent hands. Will you be there for mine too?”

Monika W.(Berlin/Germany) Geneva, Switzerland

“it was a really beautiful funeral ceremony…much more beautiful than i could have imagined……
people were very very moved and intensely present, with us throughout…i’m letting go……..the ceremony worked real magic”

Michele (Australia) in a theatre – Genevea, Switzerland