Are your loved ones aware of what your last wishes might be? Do you have a Living Will? How does one go about setting ones house in order?

When death enters our lives, as family and friends of the deceased, we may be called upon to organise a funeral. What does one do if the loved one had no particular religious beliefs or if he or she clearly stated there should be no religious references during the funeral? How does one go about organising a ceremony when the mourners don’t share the same religious, sociological or cultural references?

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Under such circumstances, putting together a meaningful secular funeral service in the space of a few days seems like such a daunting task that many people entrust the funeral to clergy from the closest religious tradition or perhaps to the funeral director.

Ashoka offers concrete accompaniment during the preparation of a tailor-made funeral service. In spite of the urgency of the situation, you can count on the celebrant to help you create and preside a respectful secular ceremony that takes into account your loved ones values as well as your own needs.

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Ashoka accompanies those who wish to prepare a Living Will that takes into account the desire for a secular funeral ceremony.

Since 2017, we have prioritised writing and training.

Ask us for the name of a celebrant trained by Ashoka to accompany you in the creation of an appropriate funeral ceremony for your loved one.