Other Milestones

“You know these rituals are only needed when humans have lost their understanding
of the greatest ceremony – Life itself.” – Pahponee, Kickapoo shaman

Life cycle: Monarch catepillar to butterfly

The world today is fast-moving, demanding and ever-changing. We are influenced by the cultural diversity around us and find that we must adapt ourselves constantly just to keep pace. Transformation is often difficult but necessary to fully experiencing life. It is essential to find fresh innovative solutions when dealing with this complexity as we integrate new challenges into our lives.

Do you wonder about how to welcome a child into your family? Is your teen moving into adulthood? Is your best friend moving away? Are you looking to change careers? Is there a separation ahead?

Taking the time to identify the meaning of the transition or passage of life you are going through now expands and enriches life.

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Since 2017, we have prioritised writing and training.

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