Living Life Fully

Psychotherapy and accompaniment for individuals, couples and families respectful of the beliefs, values, cultural background and the rhythm of each person (child, teen or adult):© Graham Haber

  • the Critical phases of life
  • Trauma and Stress related difficulties
  • the Challenges of being a high potential
  • ADHD ou ADD (attention deficit disorders), concentration or memory
  • Support in facing illness, loss, grief, separation or death
  • Assistance in tackling addiction or co-dependency
  • Supervision for professionals
*Insurance Lists: “Santé Suisse” + “United Nations” + “AI”

“Our family needed to be able to talk to each other in front of a neutral person. We weren’t sick, we were just sick of fighting. Now we see what’s really important. We love each other but our love was buried under the stress of all those moves from one country to another.”

B. family(parents + three young children)Ferney-Voltaire, France

“Now I know that I’m not stupid. In fact, I’m a high potential person. Smart but scattered, you told me. I’m really sensitive, emotional and didn’t know how to make it work for me.”

Ron D.(15 ans) Geneva, Switzerland

“Our son’s addiction nearly brought us to the divorce courts. It was tearing us apart. Thanks for helping us see our way through a really tough time.”

Karine & Walter(parents of an adult child) Grand Saconnex, Switzerland

“My father’s death was too much for me. I knew he was ill but we couldn’t bring ourselves to admit he could die. We never discussed it. I so regretted that we couldn’t say goodbye. I still think of him all the time. Yet, I find I’m moving on with my life. Without him. I’m moving on. Finally, I’ve found a certain peace. Thanks for being there for me.”

Helen S.(56 ans) Thonex, Switzerland

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