Tomatis Listening Sessions

What to Expect

Special Rates for Families


The first interview is conducted at my office where I work as a psychotherapist. I am a trained and accredited practitioner of the TOMATIS Method®. During this interview, a programme will be proposed that is adapted to your goals or to an area that proves challenging to you.Woman listening


Working with a specially designed TOMATIS device, you listen to a programme that I set up for you. We’ll start first in my office and then you will continue listening at home using the portable TALKUPS® device. The aim of the TOMATIS Method® is to stimulate your ear and your brain. You will follow a series of listening modules or sessions – at least two – combined with rest phases. Rest phases are called integration phases, which ensure that your progress is lasting. The duration and number of modules will depend on the issue in question. Generally, one listens 1-2 hours every day for a period of two weeks, there is a few weeks rest period followed by a second two-week long module. The overall programme consists of about 60 to 90 hours over a period of 3-4 months.


After the first listening module, we will assess your progress together and compare it with your goals. This assessment serves to gauge how close you’ve come achieving your goals. A second module serves to consolidate the results obtained with the TOMATIS Method® and makes sure that they are in place. The initial 3-4 month period is often sufficient. In some cases, you and I may decide for additional listening modules either to pursue your identified goal or to work towards other goals. As you move through your programme we will assess your needs and adapt it as needed.