Interview MPR – Are There Rituals for Secular People?

Looking for a wedding ceremony?

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox
Tiu de Haan Foreword

If your love life 💘is nourished with text kisses 😘 and online 📶 intercourse, then this 📘 is not for you. There are off-the-shelf 👥 wedding ceremonies 💒 galore on the 🌐, for 🆓! Just copy-paste, add 💐 👍🏽💍 💋and you are 🎮 virtually ✅.

What?! You want a totally personalized 📐👐🏾 wedding ceremony? The ultimate guest experience 🥂🎆 👏🏽?

This guide takes you step-by-step 👣 👣 through familiar 🌜🌛but uncharted territory 🌔 🔭. Specially designed tools 🏹🔰 help you map out 🗺 how far you’ve come, see where you stand📍and project 🚀 your relationship into the future. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to craft your own unique wedding ceremony, together.

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Beyond the Body

We are part of the stream of life. We change constantly. How do we deal with our transient body? How do we envisage death, that ultimate frontier? The Dutch curator Anne Berk invited seventeen artists for the exhibition Beyond the Body to reflect on these questions in art objects, installations and videos.

Exhibition Beyond the Body: 1 September – 9 December 2018
Contact à Silkeborg Bad: