Terminology and Other Details

Terminology and Other Details

Diploma Thesis

The diploma thesis, which can be in the form of a professional project, must follow the guidelines of the Ashoka CAS Training programme. The final stage involves a public presentation of the thesis before ritual experts and other interested persons. The thesis required for the third module must be completed and submitted within a 12 month period or during the year following the second module.


The term CAS is not a recognized federal title but simply describes the framework and requirements of a continuing professional education program that includes 10 ECTS points, i.e. approximately 300 hours (consisting of classroom study, personal work, supervision, visits, diploma thesis, etc.). The CAS diploma represents Swiss and international equivalents in the field of education.

Individual and Group Supervision Sessions

Supervision is a learning technique that is facilitated by a supervisor. It is designed to improve the participants’ skills for the creation of rituals on a personal and/or professional plan. The aspects addressed include the challenges posed by a ritualization, such as expectations, tools and techniques as well as dealing with the emotions raised by a ritualization, such as not feeling safe in certain situations or experiencing a sense of failure.
Individual supervision session: 50 minutes
Fee**: CHF 140.-
Group supervision session*(minimum two people): 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants
Fee**: CHF 120 per person for two people; as from 3 people CHF 100 per person

* with the trainer
** Supervisors are paid directly by the participant who is responsible for validating each session. Supervision fees are not included in the cost of the modules.


Intervision is an inter-colleagial learning technique that takes place among a group of peers, without outside guidance. This technique is highly encouraged. Intervision hours do not count as supervision hours but are mandatory for Modules 2 (PRO) and 3 (CAS).
Intervision: 2 hours with 2 persons; 3 hours from 3 persons
Fee: Le participant est responsable de tous les frais occasionnés, y compris les frais de déplacement.

Attend Rituals

Starting from the first module each participant must attend ceremonies outside of class, keep a journal and report their experience to the group, either in class or during group supervision.
Time committment: Each ceremony (1-2 hours outside classroom time) counts as one point.
Fee: Le participant est responsable de tous les frais occasionnés, y compris les frais de déplacement.

In the event that the participant has not completed the required number of supervisions, intervisions or visits by the end of the training, s/he should determine a deadline with the trainer for completing the work. The final certificate will be delivered upon completion of the requirements.