Organisation & Cost

Training Organisation

Introductory Workshops: Why do we need new rituals?

Open to all!
DURATION: 1 day (Friday)
COST: 450.- CHF

© Carlosfelipe PardoModule 1: Ritualmaking

Learn how to create rituals to celebrate the transitions in your own life and that of your loved ones.
Open to all.
DURATION: 7 days
COST: CHF 1,785 (plus supervision sessions)

Module 2: PRO

Learn to create rituals to celebrate life transitions as a professional celebrant.
Meets the needs of future professional celebrants.
Open to participants who have completed the first module.
DURATION: 8 days
COST: CHF 2,200 (plus supervision sessions)

Module 3: CAS**

This module meets the needs of professional celebrants who wish to pursue further training as well as specialists in the emerging ritual field who wish to obtain a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Ritual Accompaniment (CAS). It involves the preparation and presentation of a diploma thesis.
Open to participants who have completed modules 1 & 2 as well as professional celebrants with at least one year of professional experience.**
DURATION: 4.5 days over 12 months maximum
DATES:  TBD with participants
COST: CHF 1,250 (plus supervision sessions)

**Celebrants trained by Ashoka before 2017 who wish to do the CAS must attend the Introductory day and then complete the required number of course hours to reach 16 days (117 hours) of training. Ritual professionals and celebrants with professional training comparable to that of Ashoka are required to have their training recognized by the association and, if necessary, complete the required number of course hours.

NB The above amounts include registration and administrative fees, training materials and interviews with the trainer between the training modules.