Mid-December 2017 I was asked to participate in a televised RTS panel discussion on contemporary spirituality and new ritual practices around pregnancy and birth (video in French only).

After the programme, the director asked me to read aloud before the camera a question sent in by a viewer:
‘What do you expect from future generations?’
I replied that I have a wish for future generations:
‘We live in an uncertain world. That (uncertainty) generates a lot of fear in the face of real or imagined threat.
It is my hope that future generations can ritualise these times in order to mark such moments,
build new relationships and repair the broken connections between us.’ (video in French only).

Ride image courtesy of Pasqualina Azzarello

What is a Ghost Bike?Ghost Bikes Diagramme

Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street.
This video was shown at a Colloquy about contemporary trends in funerals, organised by Ashoka in Geneva – Switzerland (2011).

Interview of Jeltje GORDON-LENNOX

Click on image for link to video about secular celebrants (in French)

Des rituels sans bondieuseries