Welcome to My Universe!

I am a Swiss author et psychotherapist who specialises in psychotraumatology.

How the people I accompany use their creativity to deal with the uncertainty and complexities of human existence inspires and touches me deeply.

May the approch and resources that are beneficial to us also be useful for you in healing trauma and restoring broken connections.

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

In this age of inevitable change, the feeling of loneliness and social dislocation is omnipresent. When we surrender to our need to 'do something' with and for others, we feel more human, more powerful and more connected to others.

~ Jeltje Gordon-Lennox,
Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies (2017)

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How to Identify your Ritual Profile

Jeltje GORDON-LENNOX, 15/06/2020

My guides, Crafting Secular Ritual, Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals, and Crafting Meaningful Funeral Rituals, give unique hands-on guidance to the craft of ritual making.

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How rituals can help us make sense of the world around us

Jeltje GORDON-LENNOX, 29/05/2020

Author and celebrant trainer Jeltje Gordon-Lennox answers our questions about the need for ceremony and ritual, and how people’s attitudes to some ceremonies, notably funerals and weddings, have changed over time.

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Comment ritualiser un passage de la vie?

Jeltje GORDON-LENNOX, 21/05/2020

Avez-vous besoin de ritualiser mais ne trouvez pas ce qu'il vous faut ?

« En dehors des institutions religieuses, il n'existe pas beaucoup de conseils publiés sur la façon de créer des rituels. Mais à partir du milieu du 20e siècle, les organisateurs de mariage, ainsi que les sociétés de célébrants, d'humanistes et de pompes funèbres, ont commencé à combler ce vide. Un demi-siècle plus tard, les rituels de bricolage peuvent encore être gênants, embarrassants ou dénués de sens. Ce livre fait un pas décisif dans la bonne direction. Il donne des conseils pratiques aux lecteurs pour élaborer...

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  • One Good Thing Leads to Another…

    20 May 2020

    Welcome to My Universe! Today marks the beginning of a new phase in my journey.

  • Ashoka : All Good Things Come to an End

    31 Mar 2020

    Twenty years ago, the work I felt called to carry out required a structure with a name of its own. The Ashoka Association served its purpose well. With profound gratitude, I thank the committee and the community which supported me all these years!

  • Book Launch: Crafting Meaningful Funeral Rituals

    21 Nov 2019

  • Book Launch: Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals

    21 Jul 2019

  • 21 February 2017 Book Launch: Emerging Ritual in Secular Society

    21 Feb 2017

    by JKP, ERN and Ashoka at the British Humanist Association (BHA) in London, UK

  • Book Launch: Crafting Secular Rituals

    16 Nov 2016

    by JKP, ERN & Ashoka in Geneva, CH at the conference: Rediscovering Ritual: The Senses and Sensemaking in Secular Rituals

  • Book Launch: Funérailles. Cérémonies sur mesure

    14 Nov 2016

  • Founding of the Association Ashoka

    15 May 2013

  • Book Launch: Funérailles. Cérémonies sur mesure

    15 Oct 2011

    by Ashoka & Labor et Fides in Geneva, CH at the colloque: Mourir sans cérémonie? Funérailles dans un monde en mutation

  • Book Launch: Mariages. Cérémonies sur mesure

    15 Mar 2008

    by Labor et Fides at the Salon du livre in Geneva, CH

  • First Secular Celebrant Trained

    01 Jun 2005

  • Psychotherapy Clinic Inaugurated

    01 Sep 2002

  • First Secular Wedding Ceremony

    21 Aug 2000