Focus on Contemporary Ritual Practice

My books and articles focus on the contemporary practice of secular rituals and the role of ritual as a resource for healing trauma and restoring broken relationships.

I have written a number of books and articles, including two guides in French (Labor et Fides) and three in English (Jessica Kingsley Publishers / Hachette). My guides include innovative tools that were created and tested with people from different cultures and language groups. See ToolBox for downloads.

In addition, I have edited two collections of articles that expose contemporary ritual practice from a transdisciplinary perspective. The authors, each an expert in his or her field, present their latest discoveries (JKP - Springer). My independent research is showcased on Academia and on Researchgate.


Write. Leave behind some kind of monument to prove you’ve lived.

~ Pliny the Younger (ca. 62-105 CE)

Crafting Secular<br> Ritual

Crafting Secular

«A decisive step in the right direction.»
- Ronald L. Grimes

Crafting Meaningful<br> Wedding Rituals

Crafting Meaningful
Wedding Rituals

«Read all of Jeltje’s books!»
- Charlotte Eulette, Fondation des célébrants

Crafting Meaningful<br> Funeral Rituals

Crafting Meaningful
Funeral Rituals

« It has everything, and it's so well done.»
- Kyle TevlinI Want a Fun Funeral

Emerging Ritual<br> in Secular Societies

Emerging Ritual
in Secular Societies

«A widespread and accessible work.»
- Peter A Levine

Coping Rituals in Fearful Times

Coping Rituals in Fearful Times

«A great piece about ritualising at the ambiguous edge!!!»
- Saskia Sassen



«We need rituals.»
- Dr Christophe Fauré



«Rituel without bigotry.»
- Temps Présent