Focus on Contemporary Ritual Practice

My books and articles focus on the contemporary practice of secular rituals and the role of ritual as a resource for healing trauma and restoring broken relationships.

I have written a number of books and articles, including two guides in French (Labor et Fides) and three in English (Jessica Kingsley Publishers / Hachette). My guides include innovative tools that were created and tested with people from different cultures and language groups. See ToolBox for downloads.

In addition, I have edited two collections of articles that expose contemporary ritual practice from a transdisciplinary perspective. The authors, each an expert in his or her field, present their latest discoveries (JKP). My independent research is showcased on Academia and on Researchgate.


Write. Leave behind some kind of monument to prove you’ve lived.

~ Pliny the Younger (ca. 62-105 CE)

Crafting Secular<br> Ritual

Crafting Secular

«A decisive step in the right direction.»
- Ronald L. Grimes

Crafting Meaningful<br> Wedding Rituals

Crafting Meaningful
Wedding Rituals

«Read all of Jeltje’s books!»
- Charlotte Eulette, Fondation des célébrants

Crafting Meaningful<br> Funeral Rituals

Crafting Meaningful
Funeral Rituals

« It has everything, and it's so well done.»
- Kyle TevlinI Want a Fun Funeral

Emerging Ritual<br> in Secular Societies

Emerging Ritual
in Secular Societies

«A widespread and accessible work.»
- Peter A Levine

Coping Rituals in Fearful Times

Coping Rituals in Fearful Times

«A great piece about ritualising at the ambiguous edge!!!»
- Saskia Sassen



«We need rituals.»
- Dr Christophe Fauré



«Rituel without bigotry.»
- Temps Présent