How to Identify your Ritual Profile

My guides, Crafting Secular Ritual, Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals, and Crafting Meaningful Funeral Rituals, give unique hands-on guidance to the craft of ritual making. They examine and explain the history, function and place of rituals in different cultures, as well as providing practical guidance for creating your own non-religious rituals for important life stages and events; from naming ceremonies to weddings, births to funerals.

I recommend identifying your ritual strategy by determining your Ritual Profile before you plan a ritual – but how do you do this?

To find out, take this short quiz on Ritual Profile here.

“Outside of religious institutions there has not been much published guidance on how to create rituals. Beginning in the mid-20th century though, wedding planners, along with celebrant, humanist, and funeral societies, began to fill the void. Half a century later, DIY rituals can still be awkward, embarrassing, or meaningless. This book takes a decisive step in the right direction. It gives practical advice to readers for crafting rites of passage thoughtfully and creatively.”

  • Ronald L. Grimes, author of The Craft of Ritual Studies

Ritual Profile and Practice The ritual profiles shown in the chart take in to account not just people’s beliefs and religious affiliation but also their ritual identity and practice. Clarity about one’s ritual profile reinforces attunement, belonging and identity.

After identifying your ritual identity (see the Questionnaire on Ritual Profile), locate your ritual practice on the chart. How does your identity and practice correspond to your need to ritualize? People with Institutional profile and practice are usually satisfied with religious or civic rituals. Those with Secular profile may find humanist or tailor-made rituals appropriate. People with Alternative profile may tend towards rituals from esoteric spiritual practices. People with Distanced profile (loosely tied to religious or civic institutions) are most at risk for ritual practice that does not meet their need.

*Guides in English by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox: 
Crafting Secular Ritual, Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals, et Crafting Meaningful Funeral Rituals.

Guides in French by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox: 
Mariages. Cérémonies sur mesure, Funérailles. Cérémonies sur mesure.

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